Month: April 2013

I cannot believe how busy my Muse has kept me the past several days! Even when a particular idea (or 3) didn’t pan out as I’d hoped, she was ready with a zillion other ideas for me to work on. I actually have a list of projects waiting for me.

So, for today (so far) I have even more star patterns to show off. Of course, these are just “snippets” of the full patterns, which will be available soon on

April 26 / / Musings

As a Creative, how important is “originality” in your work? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or just evidence that the maker lacks “originality”? What makes a work “original”? Is it possible to take someone else’s idea in a different direction, and still call it “original”? Why do many Creatives struggle with the idea of “originality”?

I actually managed to read an entire book today. Which is why today’s effort is a little later than the past few days’¬†pieces.

Well, normally I’d call this a “background”, but I think it’s much too… well,¬†much to be relegated to the background, don’t you?

I had a crazy dream two nights ago, where I went surfing, and loved it! OK, anybody who knows me well knows that this is probably not something I’d do. Still, the image and idea of riding a wave to shore stuck with me, and I came up with these.