Category: 2013: A Year of Creativity

I must admit: I LOVE my computer! In fact, I love having access to lots of electronic gadgets. When I think back to the past, and the hardware and physical space needed to store and listen to/create with/watch/read various media, I am so thankful to be living in the 21st century. And having all this media streaming through my desktop can be so inspiring!

As several of my friends already know, I’m in the process of designing a replacement for my current computer. This will be the first box I’ve put together myself, and I’m both excited and nervous. Luckily, my current box is still working (knock wood!), so I should have time to get it finished before I have to have it.

Last night’s full moon offered some spectacular images. Unfortunately, I’m not in a place where I can usually see the moon as it rises, so I had to wait a few minutes, and missed its golden-orangey glow.

I’m sure most of you have seen bags made from jeans (or bags made to¬†look like they are made from jeans). Well, today’s project takes that idea a little further…