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August 6 / / Crafting

OMG! You guys! I just came up with a crazy cool idea for a fun quilt block! It should be super easy to do, too! Once I get my fabric and sewing machines back out of storage and set up, that is…

Here’s a hint: it’s based on a 9-patch block. Easy, right? (No, it’s not the pictured block. It’s gonna be way cooler than that!)

And when it’s done, I’ll post a photo and a tutorial for ya.

July 18 / / Crafting

So, I was checking my FB feed (I know…. I know….), and I saw a plea for help from one of my favorite bloggers that she needed photos of handmade pincushions (made by her readers, of course), and she needed them TODAY!

July 11 / / Crafting
July 9 / / Crafting
June 30 / / Crafting

Well, as you saw in my previous post, I finally managed to finish the Button Bouquet for the wedding. I took several photos of it, to include some detailed shots, and I figured I’d share them with you all (both). If you click on the photos, you’ll get a larger view. You knew that, right?

June 30 / / Crafting
June 30 / / Crafting
May 27 / / Crafting

This is looking to be a lovely, hot, non-rainy weekend, which is really great, since it’s a 3-day weekend, and I SO want to start working on my space! No rain and warm temps should let me get started on repainting my furniture pieces for my studio. All I have to do now is decide what I want the finished pieces to look like.

May 23 / / Crafting

My, my, my! Ask for a little inspiration, and some fun and funky ideas, do a little Googling, and stand back and watch the magic happen!

May 22 / / Crafting

My Muse has been working overtime lately. Now she’s decided to give me just a hint of an idea for decorating my soon-to-be crafting studio. I have several old dressers and a small cupboard which are all mismatched and unattractive, but functional. And, since I already have them, they won’t cost me anything to use them for storage in my studio.