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December 27 / / Food

Before anyone jumps on me for that headline, I realize that most federal employees are going to be seriously hurt by this nonsense. And if it goes on for very long, even we will be hurt by it. But today, I choose to embrace this time with joy and creativity, rather than fear and anger. How? I’m ignoring the news, for the most part, as well as inflammatory social media.

Yesterday, I managed to write about 5500 words for my new project book. This includes an introduction, and the complete, detailed (written) instructions for one project.

April 26 / / Musings

As a Creative, how important is “originality” in your work? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or just evidence that the maker lacks “originality”? What makes a work “original”? Is it possible to take someone else’s idea in a different direction, and still call it “original”? Why do many Creatives struggle with the idea of “originality”?