The Importance of Light

The other day, I discovered in a very tangible way why you should use bright light when when sorting colors.

I was sitting in my dining room, sorting buttons for a project. It was dark out, and the dining room light was neither bright nor color-balanced. I was digging through several bags of old buttons, looking for cream or ivory colored ones. This is the collection I came up with.

sorting colored buttons

Clearly, not all “light colored” buttons are cream or ivory colored. Notice the buttons that are neither ivory nor yellow in the middle. (Although the buttons on the left are white, cream, ivory or browns, some appear blue due to the fact that they were in the shade.)

So, it took about 1/2 hour to sort out the yellow ones from the ones I wanted. Well, back to the project… I’ll post more photos as I get further into the project.

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