Bouncing Light

This is looking to be a lovely, hot, non-rainy weekend, which is really great, since it’s a 3-day weekend, and I SO want to start working on my space! No rain and warm temps should let me get started on repainting my furniture pieces for my studio. All I have to do now is decide what I want the finished pieces to look like.

I am seriously considering using a gold metallic paint on the furniture pieces I’ll be refinishing for my art/craft studio. That would do several things: first, it will help to bounce more light around the studio, which is important, since I have one overhead fluorescent tube fixture, and two small windows that only get morning sun; second, it will help to energize me and my work, since I’m a Fire baby; third, I just really think it will look cool! Or hot, as the case may be.

I’m also considering a variety of design elements, so that both the base color and the surface design help to unify the old, inexpensive and fairly beat-up pieces, and create a sense of theme to the studio. I’m thinking about geometric designs, rather than something pictorial. And color is still under consideration.

Perhaps even glitter spray? Maybe over a base coat of some particular color? With or without other design elements? I know the more complicated I make it, the longer it will take to complete the projects. Plus, I’m going to have to find some boxes or plastic tubs to put all the contents of the furniture in while I paint the pieces.

My Pinterest boards have some fun examples of painted furniture for inspiration. However, when I comes down to it, I will have to choose the surface design (and materials) for each piece. Should I make them look similar, with the same colors and patterns, or should I make each unique? If I unify them with a theme, they will help to unify the space. If I diversify the designs, there’s more room to play. Decisions, decisions….

Maybe I’ll just grab some blank paper and some colored pencils or markers, sketch out some ideas, and see what I come up with. If I put it down on paper first, I’ll know better, with less experimentation, what I’ll want, and what won’t work as well for me or my space. And there is always PhotoShop…


Well, between the time I started this post and now, I’ve come up with an idea to help unify the 3 pieces of furniture for my studio space. It will involve sanding, painting, spray painting and stencils. And possibly a polyurethane sealer. And probably “crystal” drawer pulls.

So, I did a “mock up” in PS, but I’m not really loving the idea….  Maybe something different with the concept? ::sigh:: Back to the drawing board….

Or, I could hire one of my many artist friends (you know who you are) to come over and “make art”. Anybody wanna come over and make art with me?

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