This Weekend’s Creative Project

Well, I suppose this counts as a “creative” project on two levels: first, I am designing a small workspace; second, it’s for my creative projects. This will eventually become my “studio” for all my crafty pursuits. I even hope to put my laptop down there, and use it to work on some digital art stuff once in a while.

The space I have to work with is very small: about 8 feet by 17 feet, give or take a few inches here or there. There are two windows, at least one electric outlet, and overhead lighting. I intend to add task lighting, as well as several work surfaces, drawers and shelves for storage. In fact, the space is in my garage. Luckily, there is electricity for a space heater or air conditioner. I may add some indoor/outdoor carpeting just to soften the concrete floor some.

Here is a drawing I made at It may not be professional, but it’s about as good as I can get for now without dropping a wad of cash for some pro software.

My Studio Design
My Studio Design – click the image to enlarge

The free version allows one user to design a single space. Pricing information is available at

I added the little compass to show the directional orientation. The space will get morning and early afternoon light, but not late afternoon or evening light.

Notice the small walls at the bottom and left of the image? Those walls don’t exist. I’m trying to figure out how to keep most of the dust and dirt out of my space without putting up hard walls. The “nice shelves” are beautiful open shelving from IKEA, donated by my sister. However, they will not keep any dust or dirt out of the space. She also gave me some standards, brackets and “wood grain” shelves, which I will likely use upstairs in the office, or perhaps in the kids’ rooms, along with a small bookcase.

For a minimalist studio, I guess the design isn’t bad. I just wish I had more space, or other options. However, without a bunch of money, a bigger house, or an extra room, this is the best I can do. I’m considering hanging some canvas tarps or something from the ceiling to help block out most of the dust. I might even paint them, or decorate them with fabric scraps or crazy quilts or something. If anyone has other ideas, please let me know. I’m still in the planning stages, so nearly anything (except enlarging or moving the space) is still possible.

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