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So, it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that we recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-Atlantic. We had a mild winter here, but we are now getting slammed with an unbearably hot and humid summer. The high temperatures have been in the mid-to-upper 90s for the past couple of weeks. Top that off with severe thunderstorms that left about a million people without power last weekend, some of whom are still without power today, and you can see that it all adds up to a whole lot of discomfort. Luckily, we were only minimally affected by those storms, and we’ve had power and AC all week.

Spousal Unit and Man-Child went out late this morning and cut the grass. It was already 90 by the time they started. Silly men…. Yes, they survived, but they were not happy for a little while, until they drank about a gallon of cold water each, and cooled off a bit.

Woman-Child and I are staying inside, getting a few chores out of the way, and planning on going out to the store in a little while (probably after lunch) to do a little air-conditioned shopping. I need a few more pieces for my Steampunk outfit to wear to Nurse Daughter’s wedding at the end of the month, and Woman-Child needs some more shorts that actually cover her butt. (roll eyes) She has discovered the world of “teen magazines” and has been hanging posters of singers and actors, most of whom I don’t recognize, all around her room. She’s apparently saving space on her wall for a “giant poster of Taylor Lautner without his shirt”. (roll eyes)

I’m trying to decide about a few things regarding this blog. First, most of you will have noticed by now that I have changed the layout and design of the blog a bit. I liked this colorful background, so I installed it for a change. But I’m also trying to decide if I want to make separate blogs for separate subjects. Since I still haven’t made up my mind, I’ll just keep on keeping on until I decide differently.

On that note, here’s a photo I took a few weeks ago, off the back of our deck.

Back yard sunbeam
Back yard sunbeam

I love the misty quality of the air in this photo. As always, I’m amazed that I get to see things like this right out in my back yard. ::sigh:: Add to that the wildlife we see right outside our door, such as birds, groundhogs (which are marmots), squirrels, foxes and lots of dragonflies, fireflies and other flying critters, and it’s almost magical at times. This is not a place that I would have chosen a year ago, but it’s nice to be here (most of the time).

Until I get a lot of new stuff to post, I’m thinking I’ll post older stuff that was once on my blog before it got hacked. After the weather cools off a bit, and I have a chance to finish my studio (which means final coats of paint on the large dresser and whatever decoration on the other pieces), I’ll be able to get everything set up and functional. Hopefully, before Winter sets in, and it’s too cold to work in there. ::sigh::

If anyone has questions or topics to suggest, let me know! Oh, wait… that’s right. I cut off comments due to spammers. Effing spammers….. ¬†OK, so maybe you can find me on Facebook. And once I figure out how to do the same thing for G+, I’ll do that, too. In the meantime, stay cool, and create in whatever mode or manner you choose!

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