Creative Resolution

Some of you may know that I’m not in the habit of making resolutions. Mainly, it’s because I tend to give up pretty quickly. And feeling guilty about it simply sucks.

However, this year, I’m going to try something a little different. This year, I hope to try to make a habit of creating one new piece of art every week. Now, I may not be able to post said piece each week, but I will try to create anyway. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll create more than just one piece each week.

Notice, I said “hope”, not “resolve”. I said “try”, not “will”. In the past, I’ve been lousy at keeping resolutions, or at maintaining a self-promise. Not sure why. Maybe I’m too lazy to stick with a goal once the going gets tough. Not sure what the reason is.

But what I do know is that I’m happiest when I’m creating something. And when I spend too much time not being creative, I get into a serious funk, possibly even become somewhat depressed. It affects everything I do, and I become a seriously un-fun person to be around. Maybe if I create more frequently, I can learn to be and have fun again. I hope so.

So here’s to a creative 2013! May we all create the lives we wish for ourselves and our loved ones. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself, and the power of the human spirit!

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