Day 13: Yep! Another Background

OK, I’m totally in love with this technique! It’s so random, and everything depends on the layers you use, the images you pick, and the effects you apply to them. There’s no “painting” involved, unless you feel like it, and you can adjust anything separately or all at once. Have a look:

Day 13: Soft Background
Day 13: Soft Background

I love how this came out. I was struggling to find just the right mix, turning layers on and off, fiddling with blend options and modes, then all of a sudden, this appeared! And I found that I could change the colors easily, too. But this was my favorite combination. This will make a beautiful background for something! (ManChild thinks it looks like an old map. I thought so, too, the first time I saw it.)

Ever since I started this 2013 Creativity Project, which was supposed to be a weekly art project, but has turned into a daily art project, my creativity has increased significantly. I long to get home when I’m at work and try out one or more of the ideas I get while I’m at work (I get lots of ideas at work). On the weekends, I wake up and want to work on some inspiration (often on the computer), but housework often calls for attention first. I’ve crafted, drawn, written and made images in Photoshop every day for nearly 2 weeks now, and it feels wonderful! Maybe I’ll make a “project a day” art calendar. Or something.

And the best part about creating digital art: no extra clutter! If I don’t want to print this out and hang it on a wall, I don’t have to. I can leave it here in Pixeland, and anyone who wants to stop by can take a look. I still have larger, higher resolution versions of everything I post here, in case someone wants something printed, or wants me to send them a hi-res version so they can print it out. I might consider selling some of these someday. Maybe.

Ah. Well, my new filing cabinet has arrived, so I suppose I should stop here and transfer everything out of my broken cabinet into the new one. Also, I received a box of books yesterday that I had ordered just after Christmas (LOVE Amazon gift cards!), which I haven’t even opened yet! Tata for now!

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