Day 24: Surprises

One of the reasons I love serendipity is because you just never know what you’re going to end up with in the process.

Take for instance this image:

Day 24: Mirror, Mirror
Day 24: Mirror, Mirror

I had no idea when I flipped this image that I would end up with an impression of an ornate vase or fountain, but there it was! Don’t worry if you can’t see it. I suppose some people won’t. I tried to enhance the contrast enough to let it show. But there it is.

I’m still amazed that I can come home from work, and feel so tired that I can barely drag myself to the office to work. Yet, by the time I finished this, I’m alert and cheerful. And to think I had no plan in mind when I sat down at the computer tonight, and wondered how I was going to come up with something worth posting…

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