Day 6: Where Deities Appear

Wow! Talk about serendipity! I decided to try something I haven’t done in YEARS. I made a kaleidoscope image using only a PhotoShop doodle (I mean a true doodle – grabbed some brushes, some colors, make some marks, twirled things around, changed all the colors to black, white and shades of gray), cut a random sample of 45 degrees of a large circle, then duplicated and rotated the slices, matched them up, inserted a black background, and this appeared:

Guardians of the Muse
Guardians of the Muse

I could not freaking believe how awesome this turned out! It took much longer than I thought it would (about an hour), but I am still amazed at the symbolism I see in this. I see 4 goddesses wearing crowns and cloaks with very high collars, separated by stylized roses. Each goddess has a medallion over her heart, symbolizing the creative spirit. Together they guard a delicate gem (you can just see it peeking out around their feet, there in the middle). And it was a total accident. I had no idea that the random slice I selected was going to do this.

OK, I’ll stop babbling now and post this. ::SQUEE!!!::


P.S. I did NOT, however, finish up my little guide to boosting creativity. Soon, I promise! And I still have free copies available, if you follow the directions on the linked page.

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