Day 70: I’m an Author!

OMG! I’m so excited! I just ordered a proof of my first published book!

Here’s the cover design:

Day 70: Book Cover
Day 70: Book Cover

This book has been in the planning/writing/editing stages for several months now. I finally got around to uploading it for both ebook and print publishing. Just waiting on a proof of the paperback and checks to ensure the ebook versions work properly.

It’s a very short book – only 35 pages. As the title implies, it’s a guide for improving your ability to think creatively. Since I’ve used these techniques to overcome creative blocks myself, I know these ideas work. This particular volume is for people working in 2D artistic media. I have others planned for topics such as photography, writing, and maybe a few others. Once the book has been published, I’ll post a link to it.

Anyway, this is as close to visual creativity as I got today, so this is what I’m posting. And now, I see the dreaded daylight “savings” time change has caught up with me once again. Since I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow, I’d better sign off and get some sleep.

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