Day 93: Purple Background

For all my friends who love purple…

Day 93: Purple Background
Day 93: Purple Background

This is another of those great backgrounds that can be stretched to fit your needs without messing up the way it looks. It can also be recolored easily. You know, in case you happen to not be a fan pf purple.

You’re welcome. 😉

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  1. erlebud
    April 4, 2013

    AHHH, THE MANY AND VARIED CONCEPTS ONE CAN SEE OR VISUALIZE IN THIS CREATION! AGAIN, THE FOREST AND STREAM IN THE FALL WITH FALLEN TREES AND THE BRUSH LYING HELTER SKELTER DOWN RHE BANK FROM THE HILL ON THE LEFT. YES, IT RESEMBLES A PLACE NEAR FLORA CALLED “HANGING ROCK.” WE USED TO GO THERE FOR HAY RIDES AND WEINER ROASTS (AND MAKING OUT) what a beautiful sight. Now, make the banks green and brown and the leaves varied brown, yellow, greenish and the light shining through the treesa yelklowish-orange as though it were in late afternoon! EXCELLENT!

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