Day 137: Mystery Plans…

Today, and for the rest of the weekend, I’m working on designing a few of the pieces for my new mystery project. So, in case you don’t hear much from me, that’s why.First, I’ll work on simple drawings of the items, then I’ll see about prototyping a few things. I may have to go out tomorrow to shop for some hardware and other notions, but hey. Shopping.

So, yeah. Planning, designing, shopping, prototyping. Also research, to see it I can find some easy instructions online or in some books to do the things I want to do to make my project better. And easier. Cheaper (i.e. less expensive, but not skimping on quality) would also be nice.

I’m also considering a Kickstarter project to raise funds/interest for my project. I still haven’t decided if I’ll try to sell finished pieces, or the instructions. Or maybe both. I really need to investigate that more, too. Guess I’ll be needing a website, too. Gee, this is beginning to sound like a lot of work!

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