Day 215: It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Although this is another little doodle, there is a story of sorts behind the title. Other than the obvious.

Day 215: It's Not Easy Being Green
Day 215: It’s Not Easy Being Green

I took my mom shopping today. We drove to an outlet mall about an hour away. I had intended to get some new clothes for work, but all I ended up buying for myself were some shoes. And chocolate. But that’s another story.

After taking my mom back home, I stopped by the house, grabbed a bite of lunch, then set out again with a purpose. I went to my local thrift store, and started rummaging around their ladies clothing. I found a TON of nice clothes, and took them all to the fitting room to try on. About half of what I’d selected fit and looked/felt nice. I put the other half back on the rack. My best score for today? A 100% silk top, which will make a nice lightweight jacket, marked $3.81, but marked down to HALF PRICE! Less than $2 for a SILK blouse, people!!! Some woman out there decided that, even though she didn’t want the top anymore, it still had some life in it, and she made sure to donate it to a place that would ensure it would find its way to a new owner.

So, while it may take some extra effort to “be green”, there are moments like this that make it completely worth every ounce of energy spent in search of ways to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Oh, and don’t forget “Repair”. We recently repaired our recycle bin, which had developed cracks down a couple of corners. Duct tape to the rescue!

Next project: donate some of MY clothing which I haven’t worn in a while, so that I can make room in my closet for my new (recycled) items, and so that someone who doesn’t have much money (or is simply being thrifty) will have nice clothes to wear to work, or even for job interviews. I have plenty of nice things in my closet, but much of it doesn’t fit me now. Might as well let it go to a good cause, so that someone who can wear it will use it…

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