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Many people would think it sacrilegious to even consider selling books, but these are not those kind of books. I acquired some crafting books from a friend, and I don’t need them, so I’ll be putting several of them up on eBay. The first set contains ideas for making cute crafts with polymer clay. Here are the links below.

(SOLD) Clever Clay Creations by Shelly Comiskey (SOLD)

Clever Clay Creations by Shelly Comiskey
Clever Clay Creations by Shelly Comiskey

This one is sold, but the other two are still available.

How to Make Clay Characters by Maureen Carlson

How to Make Clay Characters, by Maureen Carlson
How to Make Clay Characters, by Maureen Carlson

With polymer clay and imagination, Maureen Carlson has brought a whole world of cheery little characters to life. You can do it, too! This book makes it fun and easy; no sculpting experience or fancy equipment required!

You’ll find lots of full-color pictures and detailed, step-by-step projects to lead you all the way; starting with simple, neighborhood kids, and progressing to more complex characters like Grandma and Saint Nick. You’ll learn how to make every detail just right, from hair to facial expressions to feet. When you the the hang of it, you can create lively little folks of your own imaginings… even personalize your clay characters for extra-special gifts.

No two will ever be exactly alike, but each one is guaranteed to make you smile!

This item is GENTLY used. There is some slight wear along the spine and cover edges. There are no notes or marks on the pages.

Fimo Clay-Mates by Cecilia Determan

Fimo Clay-Mates, by Cecilia dterman
Fimo Clay-Mates, by Cecilia Determan

This 28-page booklet features step-by-step instructions for making 11 adorable figures in polymer clay. Designs by Cecilia Determan. Black and white photos and illustrations.

This booklet has been GENTLY used, and has slight wear on the spine and edges of the cover. There are no marks or notes on the interior pages.

That’s all I have posted at the moment. I’ll be adding more to the selection in the near future, and I’ll be sure to make a note here.

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