Welcome 2016: New Year, New Art!

Welcome back, my loves! It is the first day of a new year, and I have just a few goals (not resolutions!) to try to meet this year:

First, to continue to improve my overall health and fitness, including reducing my stress. I’ll take more frequent breaks from work, even if it means that I can’t take as long off each time I have a vacation, which will likely also mean more stay-cations. I’ll also work on eating more healthy choices, drinking more water, and getting more exercise on a daily basis.

Second, to make more art. I’m truly happiest when I’m creating something, even if it’s just a silly doodle that nobody else will see, or some garbage piece of writing nobody else will ever read. It’s an amazing feeling to spend hours lost in my art, then wondering what happened to the time.

To that end, I’m going to make the best use of this pen touch monitor that I paid too much for, and try to do something with images as often as possible. My main goal is at least once a week, but it could be more often than that. For instance, today, I was able to create several pieces of digital art, using various programs. I’m trying to run my monitor through its paces, to see how it holds up to my level of use. So far, it’s only made me a little bit cranky today, but I’ve managed to deal with the quirks. So far. We’ll see.

Here are the first two pieces of artwork for 2016. Enjoy! And a very happy New Year to you all! Here’s to hoping for the best year yet!

"Stardust", created in Apophysis 7, 1/1/2016
“Stardust”, created in Apophysis 7, 1/1/2016

When I first saw this image, it reminded me of a dead star, or an exploding planet or moon. The gold and silver sparkles are perfect for the New Year, and the whole black-white-silver-gold color scheme reminds me of a New Year’s Eve party. Kind of a spacey image, I thought.

"Wild Frost", created in Apophysis 7, 1/1/2016
“Wild Frost”, created in Apophysis 7, 1/1/2016

This image appeared to me to look like the tracks of a frost fairy flitting around in a dark winter’s sky, spreading frost around on everything in sight. Very appropriate for winter.

While the above images were created in Apophysis, they aren’t what I would consider to be “good” fractals. Still, I liked the way they looked, so I rendered them as is.

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