2016, Year of Art: Day 37

Today has been a busy day. So much on the to-do list, but all of it good. Managed to make 13 new pieces with Silk, and I still have several fractal images that I made in Apophysis 7X to show off.¬†Tuesday will be a treat, since I have a special surprise for you. But for tonight, here’s one of my Apophysis images, just because I like it so much, and playing with it is teaching me some interesting skills, even when I follow tutorials, but especially when I change things up.

"Frost Faeries", created with Apophysis 7X
“Frost Faeries”, created with Apophysis 7X

I like the way the wings appeared in this one. It reminded me of the frost I often find on the car windows in the morning, especially when I’m running late and have to stop to clear the frost before driving off. Mischievous little buggers, those frost faeries! But very creative, too! Hope you enjoy!

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