2016, Year of Art: Day 39

So, it’s Monday. Again. But here in the Mid-Atlantic area, we’re supposed to get more snow tonight. Maybe I won’t have to go to work tomorrow… One can hope!

For tonight, I have this lovely bit of art. Hope you enjoy it!

"Worldbuilding", created with Apophysis 7X
“Worldbuilding”, created with Apophysis 7X

When this one appeared in my preview window, it made me think of a giant “terraformer” farm on some distant world. I really can’t take much credit for this, since the original settings came from a tutorial I found here. It’s basically a 3D Grand Julian. But the colors came out nicely, yes? Click on the image to see a larger version.

I will say this: I had a very difficult time getting this image to render. I almost gave up on it. It took me several very frustrating tries to get it to complete without crashing my computer. I persevered, and came up with this.

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