2016, Year of Art: Day 83

Interesting day today. I spent a few hours searching for fun jewelry tutorials, and 2 or 3 more hours taking apart thrifted jewelry for the beads and findings, then sorting through the beads to see what I have. This is what I ended up with:

"Bead Selection", glass, stone, metal, and plastic beads and findings
“Bead Selection”, glass, stone, metal, and plastic beads and findings

I ran out of the little containers, so I guess I’ll have to go pick up some more tomorrow or Friday.

I’ve been wanting to play with wire wrapping lately, so I decided to start with an “easy” tutorial. My result:

"God's Eye", turquoise and silver craft wire
“God’s Eye”, turquoise and silver craft wire

I’m not completely in love with this resultĀ (the best of three tries today), but some practice should improve the outcome.

This is a small piece of Chinese turquoise that I found in a box of just over a pound of turquoise beads at Michael’s. Some are nicely shaped and polished, like this one, and others are nuggets or chips. The wire is just craft wire (24g I think), so the materials aren’t expensive. Perfect for trying new techniques.

As of now, I’m still not sure what I’ll be working on tomorrow. Guess we’ll all be surprised tomorrow evening!

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