Dutch Pour

I spent some time yesterday viewing video tutorials on Dutch Pouring. In case you aren’t familiar, it is a type of poured acrylic painting where you first flood the canvas with background color (usually white, but any color can be used), then apply additional colors in a puddle, one at a time. Once the puddle is done, you pour additional background paint around the puddle. Using a blow dryer, you then cover the puddle with the extra background paint. Finally, you blow the covered-over paint across the canvas with the blow dryer. You can achieve some very pretty results, like flower petals or galaxies, depending on the technique you use.

Yesterday’s painting is finally dry (nearly 24 hours!), and I used a white background. Here’s how it turned out:

Cosmic Wind (acrylic on canvas)

Today’s painting used a black background with metallic colors. I used so much paint on it, that I think I blew more off the canvas than stayed on! It’s still VERY wet, but here’s a preview, complete with big, shiny reflection in the top right corner:

Galaxy I (acrylic on canvas)

I think with some practice, I could get a lot better at this. Maybe. We’ll see.

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