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October 2, 2013 / / 2013: A Year of Creativity

Before anyone jumps on me for that headline, I realize that most federal employees are going to be seriously hurt by this nonsense. And if it goes on for very long, even we will be hurt by it. But today, I choose to embrace this time with joy and creativity, rather than fear and anger. How? I’m ignoring the news, for the most part, as well as inflammatory social media.

April 23, 2013 / / 2013: A Year of Creativity

I had a crazy dream two nights ago, where I went surfing, and loved it! OK, anybody who knows me well knows that this is probably not something I’d do. Still, the image and idea of riding a wave to shore stuck with me, and I came up with these.

December 23, 2012 / / Digital Art

Hey all! Just finished a couple photo manipulations, and thought I’d show them off….

August 26, 2012 / / Musings

Hey, all! I finally found both the time and energy to process some photos from my new camera. I went on a little outing last weekend, looking for interesting places and things to photograph. I remembered that there are several wooded areas near my home where the woods and a stream are literally steps away from the edge of the road. The real challenge was finding a place to pull over, so I could get some nature shots.