Back to Designing My Crafting Space…

My Muse has been working overtime lately. Now she’s decided to give me just a hint of an idea for decorating my soon-to-be crafting studio. I have several old dressers and a small cupboard which are all mismatched and unattractive, but functional. And, since I already have them, they won’t cost me anything to use them for storage in my studio.

Well, I have decided to find a creative way to decorate these items. I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll do with them (one is quite old, and fairly well beat up; the other two have shiny veneer surfaces; none of them were expensive, but the beat-up old one is very dear to me, as my dad made it for me when I was a kid), but the ideas are forming.

First, I thought of paint. One color, a pattern of two or more colors, random colors, a base color and random splashes of color, quilting (piecing) block patterns….

Next, I thought of random designs. Which was quickly followed by thoughts of Zentangles. So, a single base color, with Zentangle designs covering as much of the surface as possible.

Then, along came thoughts of decoupage. Pasting wonderful bits of paper or fabric to the surface, then coating it all with several coats of clear varnish (or whatever you call that clear goo that protects the paper glued to the surface).

I’m also considering replacing the simple round wooden drawer pulls with something fancy/whimsical, like crystal pulls, or mismatched steampunky pulls, or butterflies. Not sure that Sculpey would be sturdy enough for my needs, but maybe to apply the Sculpey over the surface of the pulls and bake that way…. Or maybe Sculpey embedded with crystals!

Of course, crystal pulls led to visions of fairy lights strung all around the space. And fairy lights require fairies. And mermaids. And dragons. And phoenixes!

So many options, so little time and space to explore them all….

It will all require a lot of thought, planning and preparation. Most likely, I’ll have to start with emptying and sanding the pieces, then painting on at least a coat or two of primer. Once I decide what I want to do to each piece, I’ll be able to move forward from there.

So, if anyone has any additional suggestions, I’ll welcome them! (Yes, I’m thinking of joining Pinterest. And I have already Googled images of other people’s work for inspiration.) Or, if someone wants to come over and create some art on the pieces for me, I’d welcome that, too! 🙂

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