Geektastic Nuptial Extravaganza!

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while. I’ve been so busy the past two weeks, trying to get ready for, then traveling to (and from) our 2nd oldest daughter’s wedding celebration in Los Angeles. Why was it called the “Geektastic Nuptial Extravaganza”? Read on to find out…

Early this year, our newest son-in-law, Dan, proposed to his lovely bride, Steff, at a Dr. Who convention, called “Gallifrey 2012” or “Gally”. The proposal was caught on video in front of a room full of people. Steff said yes. On video. heehee… And the video went online. heeheehee.

Steff wanted a non-traditional wedding, to go with their non-traditional selves. When I suggested a “Steampunk” theme, she jumped at the idea. Add to this Dan’s love for all things Gallifreyan (And Batman. Can’t forget Batman.), and we had a theme (of sorts). Steff and I spent many hours, emails and texts working out such details as outfits, headgear, accessories, colors, bouquet, decorations and favors. They opted to rent the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) clubhouse for the weekend (a rather economical choice, by the way). With some creative shopping (at Home Depot, Michaels and the Dollar Store), we spent Thursday and Friday evenings madly creating table centerpieces and favors with a steampunk flair. I’ll post a short tutorial on the projects at a later time.

The outfits were intended to be economical, as well as re-usable (such as for cons and Halloween). The guys had simpler outfits than ours, which were slightly more elaborate, but not as expensive as the traditional wedding industry would like.

The Bride wore a sparkly golden tutu with a blue and gold corset, a beige peasant blouse and black harness boots. Her accessories included two pocket watches, two belts (one worn across one shoulder) and a brass and ivory pistol. In her hair, she wore a pair of ribbon falls with large floral clips and a set of leather-and-brass goggles, and she carried a handmade button bouquet. For photographs, her ensemble included a delicate beige and white lace parasol.

The groom wore a long black duster over black trousers, white shirt, silver cravat and TARDIS-blue waistcoat, and he sported a pair of custom high-top Converse Allstars in TARDIS blue with “Police Box” up the back of the heel. He wore a button boutonniere that matched his bride’s bouquet, plus incorporated a TARDIS key.

The Mother of the Bride (that’s me) wore a brown skirt covered in several layers of multi-colored tulle under a dark brown faux leather corset, wrapped with two belts over a multi-colored blouse and brown boots. I also wore a lovely handmade brocade jacket over the ensemble.

The Father of the Bride wore a brown duster over a white shirt, blue jeans and black boots, a bolo tie with octopus slide, and a western hat made from a Miller Genuine Draft box (no kidding).

Several of the guests wore Victorian-styled outfits, while others were a bit more steamed-out; top hats and goggles abounded. A pith helmet and a fez were also seen. Many wore other geeky outfits, including several versions of The Doctor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, A member of UNIT, and a Dr. Horrible. One lady attended dressed as a TARDIS, and a young girl came dressed as “Lily Solo”.

“OK, enough with the Society Page description, already. Let’s see some photos!”

As you wish…


The Bride
The Bride Outside the Hall
The Groom
The Groom Inside the Hall
Waiting for His Bride
Waiting for His Bride
Bridesmaids – The Maid of Honor was playing the Imperial March from Star Wars on her cell phone as the Bride came up the aisle.
Father of the Bride
The Father of the Bride escorts his daughter to the stage, and gives her away to the Groom.
Obi-Wan officiates
Obi-Wan officiates, beginning with “Mahwage. Mahwage is what bwings us togehvah today. Wuhv. Twoo wuhv…”
The ring "pillow" was a Tribble.
The ring “pillow” was a Tribble.
The Groom accepts his ring
The Groom accepts his ring, but the Bride has trouble getting it on his finger.
The Bride reads her vows.
The Bride reads her vows from her cell phone.
The Bride receives her ring.
The Bride receives her ring.
The Groom reads his vows
The Groom reads his vows off his cell phone.
The couple kisses...
The couple kissed… (Did you see? Her foot “popped”.)
... and kisses...
… and kissed…
Their first dance
The first (and only) dance
The wedding party
The wedding party – Isn’t that a great industrial background?
The wedding party in sepia tones.
The wedding party in sepia tones.
Proud Parents of the Bride
Proud Parents of the Bride
Bride and Groom with one of the sons
Bride and Groom with one of the sons (unfortunately, the other two sons, and the groom’s parents were unable to attend)
The Groomsmen
The Groomsmen – because geeks are Bad!
The obligatory "shoe shot"
The obligatory “shoe shot”
Yet another kiss...
Yet another kiss…
The gift table and centerpiece
The gift table and “interactive” centerpiece, which was made by several guests.
The wedding "cake"
The wedding “cake” was a pecan pie, because pie is much geekier than cake. Also, aren’t those toppers adorable???
Steamy favors for the guests – love those little bottles and those cards! The copper! The gears! Squee!!
Cupcakes for the guests
Cupcakes for the guests (which were supposed to look like flames surrounding that dragon)
One of the guests
One of the guests. With her “handlebar moustache”. Get it? Heh.
Another guest
Another guest, pointing the way. Or making his point. Or something.
The littlest guest
The littlest guest enjoying her meal. All over her face!
A very young Doctor
A very young Doctor, with his Companion and his sonic screwdriver.
The TARDIS Lady (the label on her pants leg has instructions to use the police box)

And what do all Geeks do when they get together?

They talk...
They talk…
... Drink...
… Drink…
And game!
And game!
... And game some more!
… And game some more!

The game went on for hours and hours…. (Didn’t manage to get pics of the cold pizza.)

 And that, my friends, is how Geeks get married!

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