Things I’ve Done This Week

What have I been up to this week?

  • Relaxed for a day between the wedding and the flight back.
  • Got a mani-pedi. Then ruined it.
  • Flew back to Maryland from LAX. Lost 3 hours.
  • Unpacked. Eventually.
  • Uploaded about 150 photos to the couple’s online wedding album.
  • Bought a camera (Canon 20D), 2 lenses (which didn’t fit) and a tripod.
  • Returned the 2 lenses and ordered 3 new ones (which should fit).
  • Figured out how to transfer more than 300 photos from my phone to my computer. The hard way. But it worked.
  • Ordered a camera bag for my new equipment. Then found one I like better.
  • Ordered lens caps for my new lenses. But I may not have ordered enough sets. Hope they will fit.
  • Replaced the old 2 GB memory in my computer with newer, faster 4 GB memory. Correctly.
  • Got a new hair cut. With color.
  • Went out to dinner with Spousal Unit. Without the Child Units.
  • Edited about 50 photos for posting. Posted to the gallery on my blog. Added descriptive captions.
  • Updated my blog.
  • Finished laundry. Almost. But enough so that I have clean clothes for work.

Remember, this doesn’t include the 48 hours leading up to the wedding, when I was moving at light speed and crafting in marathon sessions.┬áNor does it include the 12 hours after the wedding, when I was recovering from all the said activity. And especially not the 10 hours spent at the venue, before, during and after the wedding. This only counts since last Sunday.

And this doesn’t include Mom stuff or work stuff. Or sleeping. Those are all givens. No wonder I’m tired. I think I need a vacation after this past week. Oh, wait. I just had a vacation. Dang.

And so, another week begins…

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