New Quilt Block Idea

OMG! You guys! I just came up with a crazy cool idea for a fun quilt block! It should be super easy to do, too! Once I get my fabric and sewing machines back out of storage and set up, that is…

Here’s a hint: it’s based on a 9-patch block. Easy, right? (No, it’s not the pictured block. It’s gonna be way cooler than that!)

And when it’s done, I’ll post a photo and a tutorial for ya.

And just in time, too, since one of my dear friends is getting ready to travel to China to meet and adopt her soon-to-be daughter! Yikes! I better get to work!

That’s all the hint you get, for now. Yup. I’m a tease. heh.


[Edit: So far, I haven’t been able to find another block just like it online, nor instructions for it. And I think I’ve come up with a unique name for it, too! *fingers crossed*]

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