Day 10: Background

Hey! So, I managed to make a nifty little background for whatever sort of image I eventually want to put on it.

You might think it’s not much work to make a background like this, but this took me about 2 hours. Mainly, I had to find just the right photos to use, and figure out just the right blending effects for each layer. Took a while to get everything to come together just right. Guess I need to go out and take some more photos.

Day 10 Background
Day 10 Background

The coolest thing about this particular image and technique is how easy it is to change the colorway on it. I came very close to posting a purplish pink version, but decided on this instead. Now I have another background I can use if I want to make posters or greeting cards, or even bookmarks.

Look, only 355 more days to go!

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