Day 9: It’s a Small, Small World!

OK, now that I have implanted that song firmly into your psyche, it’s time to show you my work for Day 9.

Little Planet for Day 9
Little Planet for Day 9

This is a fun little technique I learned from a friend a few years ago. The technique is called “Little Planet”, and it is quick and easy to do, as long as you have the right image for it. I rarely do, so my little twist on this technique is to create a mirror image, then “planetize” the new version. I think this one came out looking a little bit like “Grumpy Cat”. If you want a tutorial (or a link to better tutorials), let me know on my G+ or FB pages.

I added the words for inspiration to “Do what you love, Love what you do!” I like the way it turned out! Maybe I’ll make a big poster version or small greeting card version of this some day…

OK, well, that’s it for Day 9. Hope to see you all again tomorrow. Who knows what my Muse will come up with then?

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