Day 18: Repeating Patterned Background

This one is for all my winter-loving friends: repeating snowflakes for a background!

Believe it or not, this one started out as a closeup of a faded pink rose. But since it’s so late, that became the whole project for today.

Day 18: Snowflake Background
Day 18: Snowflake Background

I got the basic tutorial for this particular technique from Digital Photography School. Go have a look if you’re interested. With this tutorial, you don’t need a special filter. Just rotate, select, copy, paste, move, copy, paste, move, wash, rinse and repeat until you get your finished image.

Now I’ll have to go find some more interesting bits to photograph, so I can use this technique more. It was much easier than my earlier version, which involved selecting a circle, then selecting a “pie slice” of the circle, then copying it and placing the slices manually. Umm… well, ok, it wasn’t much easier, but a little bit. And this version makes a tiling background, instead of a circle. Of course, for a true tiling background, you need to adjust the edges and corners… But that’s for another time.

Getting pretty late, so I’ll post this and head to bed. ‘Night!

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