Day 2 – Creative 2013

Hey there! I made another thing, so I’m already ahead by a week. How can I keep up this blistering pace without burning out? I have no idea, but making stuff feels great!

This little jobby took me about 4.5 hours, mainly because:

  • I had to restart once
  • I had to do a LOT of wrapping, then figure out how to add the bead danglies
  • I had to make the tripod thingy so it would stand up.

I’m not convinced it’s done yet. But this is what I managed today. In fact, I had thought it WAS done, but it needed just a bit more.

Day 2: Spirit Dancer
Day 2: Spirit Dancer

Not exactly what I had planned, but still interesting.

Back to the day job tomorrow, so we’ll see what I can manage after work. It will likely be a quick little thing, not something as intensive as this.

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