Day 3 – The Creativity Continues!

Hey, Peeps! So, tell me, How many of you have ever done aluminum foil sculpture? Well, now I can say that I have. Take a peek.

She’s not much, and in fact, she wasn’t very easy, either. She’s pretty fragile, so I expect she’ll end up balled up and recycled (maybe into a different project). I’m surprised she lasted through the quick photo shoot. Oh, and if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be a mermaid. OK, an “abstract” mermaid.

Merina - aluminum foil sculpture
Merina – aluminum foil sculpture

This was shot in incandescent light, turning everything a golden color. But I like it better than the silver that was produced by the flash, so this is the one I used.

The inspiration for this is kind of funny. I was at work today, eating one of the chocolates a coworker had brought in during the holidays. I noticed that the wrappers for Lindt Lindors are foil-lined. Carefully, I peeled the delicate foil from the blue, white and gold-printed plastic wrappers. I started to wonder about the fine foil, then began sculpting a tiny dragon. I decided I needed more foil, so I ate more chocolates! Anyway, suffice to say, I didn’t have nearly enough foil to accomplish the task, so I decided to wait until I got home. The dragon wasn’t turning out the way I’d hoped, so I unwadded the foil and reshaped it into the mermaid. Next time, I’ll have to use more foil, and sculpt it differently.

So, there you have it! Day 3 of Creative 2013!

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