Day 28: Pastel Flowers

I decided to show you what my dad and I were working on yesterday.

This isn’t exactly the same image, but it’s close enough to show what we came up with.

Day 27: Flower Garden
Day 28: Flower Garden

I used The Gimp to create this one. Far more tedious and time-consuming, but a pretty result anyway. Gimp doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of PhotoShop, but I was still able to come up with a decent image. Dad asked for a tutorial on making kaleidoscope images with Gimp, so I’ll be working on that, maybe next weekend. I’ve also discovered that it’s a little buggy, and I had to reboot my computer (twice!) as everything sort of froze up on me. And it didn’t want to let me save the image where I wanted to save it. A bit frustrating.

For tonight, it’s time for bed.

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