Day 29: Funky Disco Aliens

Hey there! I almost didn’t bother with this today, because I was in such a bad mood, but now I’m glad I did it. [Edit: Finally fixed the date on this one! This was Day 29, not Day 28 as originally stated.]

I just sprinkled some random colored shapes and black rectangles across my screen, merged, copied and flipped them a few times, gave it a background, then made a kaleidoscope. It was still a bit plain, so I fiddled with the layer effects, and finally came up with this.

Day 28: Funky Disco Aliens
Day 28: Funky Disco Aliens

I like the bright, cheerful colors on the dark background here. But mostly, I love the aliens in their funky outfits! “Hammer time!”

Another completely unplanned image! And to think, it wasn’t working for me at all, until it suddenly did. Love it when that happens!

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