Day 31: Boom! (There goes the first month…)

Wow! I surprised even myself by getting through an entire month of creative projects! Yes, there were days when I didn’t really feel like making something, or when circumstances seemed to get in my way. But even after all of that, I managed something creative every day. And you know what? I’m happier now than I was a month ago.

I’m absolutely convinced that my current level of happiness has more to do with treating myself to creative endeavors every day. My day job is not what I would call “creative”, although there are times when I have to be creative in the way I view a project, or in my responses to inane questions or stupid people/situations. But hey, that’s life, right?

Anyway, it’s time to get on with today’s project. Like Day 30, this one started off as a photo of the moon at night through tree branches. In fact, here is the original photo for today’s image:

Day 31: Moon
Day 31: Moon

Again, all I did to this was to crop a little bit, resize and add the tag. Otherwise, it’s straight out of the camera.

And, here’s what I turned it into:

Day 31: Fan Dance
Day 31: Fan Dance

This reminds me of fans, or palm fronds in Hawai’i. I loved the time I’ve spent on Oahu, and would dearly love to go back again someday, and maybe visit some of the other islands.

And like yesterday’s image, here is the alternate (traditional) kaleidoscope image:

Day 31: Kaleidoscope Moon
Day 31: Kaleidoscope Moon

Even though the colors are less intense in this one than yesterday’s version, I still love how these two came out. The little details in the middle always surprise and amaze me. To me, this bottom one is like lying on my back in the middle of the floor of a circular temple, and looking up through a glass roof. OK, maybe the temple is square. Anyway.

These continue to be fun, and take very little space and equipment to create and display. I have larger resolution versions of most of these images, which I could print and/or put on various products to sell. Maybe I’ll open a shop at one of those “print on demand” shops, like Lulu or Cafe Press. Wondering if there would be any demand for any of this…

I’m also likely to create a calendar using some of my images. Ideally, I’d love to make one of those page-a-day calendars, where each day would have a new image. I’d even love to do a journal-type calendar, with one or more images per week. I can see this will take some planning…

Oh! Maybe even one of those “perpetual” calendars, where the dates are listed, but not the day of the week. Wouldn’t that be cool? A reusable calendar with a different image for each day! You would never need to throw it out and buy a new one. Except that each year I would release a new version, with more (new) images. So fans would have to buy each new version to maintain their collections. Heh.

Now I’m seeing Tarot card sets…  Yikes! Looks like Ms. Muse is beating me with more ideas again…. I’d better go write some more of these down before I go to bed.

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