Day 165: La la la…

So, the short story is, yes, I did a few creative things today. Of course, there’s more to the story than just that…

At work this afternoon, I spent a couple of hours waiting for an important email. Even a phone call from this person would have been nice. And while I was waiting, it seemed that about 90% of the rest of the folks at work went home. Which meant the phone. Did. Not. Ring.

Neither was there a single email for over an hour. Especially not the one I was waiting for.

(Why, yes, I do realize that last sentence ended with a preposition. What’s your point?)

So, I found myself as caught up on all my work as I could be, given that the one email I needed never came. So I said to myself, “Self, what can we do while we’re waiting on that email?”

So I got a pen and some scrap paper, and I practiced some freemotion quilting designs, so that when I manage to get the quilt batting I need for that baby quilt, I will be ready with a design for stitching.

I also looked up some quilting patterns for patchwork (aka piecing) designs, hoping to find some fresh ideas. And find them I did!

I love love love Hoffman Fabrics’ Bali Batik line of fabrics, especially the precuts, especially the 2.5″ strips. These are true batiks, not printed reproductions. The colors and patterns are amazing, and I adore the things I make with them. I have to wear an ID badge at work, so I made a lanyard strap for it using a leftover strip of a lovely brown batik from that line, and a good-sized split ring. It works perfectly for what I need, and I use it every day! And I’ve made several baby quilts from those fabrics, which have all turned out great.

Anyway, the Hoffman Fabrics website has a boatload of free patterns on their website. Here are two that I like best:

Springtime Willow
Bali Love Song

If you want more, this is where you need to go: Hoffman Fabrics Patterns

They have patterns for other items, too, such as aprons, bags, and more. And their fabric selection is not limited to batiks, just in case batiks are not your thing.

Another site with scads of patterns is Robert Kaufman Fabrics. While many of the fabrics in this line don’t turn me on, there are some great patterns, with lots of potential. Here are a few of my favorites:

Southwest Serenity
It’s Good to be Square

Now, the only problem with the above four patterns is that they are not free. And hundreds more patterns linked from that site are also paid patterns. But, no worries! There are plenty of nice free patterns available at that site, too! Like these:

Silent Journey
Oriental Traditions
Kasuri Gesiki

I like these because, although they are relatively simple blocks to make, they definitely allow for far more potential than just what the pattern shows. For example, where a pattern shows a solid block, you can substitute a pieced block, or vice versa. And of course, you are never restricted to using the colors or fabric patterns as illustrated.

Also, it is possible to try  to work out a pattern from just a photo, although it might be easier and cheaper in the long run to just buy the pattern.

So, yes, the gears have been turning, and I have lots of ideas to play with. But alas, tomorrow comes early, along with doctor appointments for me and Man Child, so I suppose I must go get ready for bed. Until tomorrow!

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