Day 168: A Little More Progress

Yes, I managed to finish those last two sets of sub-units for the quilt I’m making for ManChild.

Day 168: Sets 8 and 9
Day 168: Sets 8 and 9

Just as I was sewing the last seam, my thread ran out. Luckily, I had more dark blue thread (but not the same dark blue I started with). In fact, I have another full bobbin of the original blue, which I will probably keep on using, since I don’t have any more to match it. (Hey, I just realized that I could have used the remaining bobbin to finish stitching the blocks! Silly me…)

OK, I admit, I’m a chronic cheater. At piecing and quilting, I mean! I’m lazy, and at some point in the process, I just want the damn thing to be done. You’ll notice that lots of my seams on my blocks don’t match up exactly. Yep, that’s my fault. I rush through cutting, then I rush through stitching. Apparently, both accurate cutting and accurate stitching are needed to get your blocks to turn out properly. Who’da thought? Here I was just hoping for a little luck or the blessing of the quilt gods or somesuch. Ah, well. Someday I’ll have the time and place to take all the time I need to get my pieces cut and stitched correctly. Riiiiiiight….

Anyway, the blocks are looking nice. Next, I have to put together the little strips that connect the sub-units into the complete blocks, and finish all nine blocks. Then I have to stitch those together into the main pattern. Then comes the border(s), and making sure the size is big enough for a twin bed, and a teenager who’s somewhere between 5’6″ and 5’10”. Then I may need to add some fabric to the back, to make it big enough. So, yeah. Still some work to do on it. I hope to finish at least some of the blocks this week during the evenings, and maybe get the top and back completed this weekend. I’m still not sure if I’m brave enough to stitch the quilting myself, but it sure beats forking out a wad of cash to let a pro do it for me. At least I know what I want to do for the quilting now. I think. Maybe. We’ll see…

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