Day 202: Storm Cloud

Today’s big creative venture is figuring out my new phone. You’d think that simply changing from one Android to another wouldn’t be such a big deal…

Of course, all my ringtones and other settings vanished. At least I still have my photos. Some of my apps even transferred. But not all of them.

In between doing laundry and playing with my new phone, I managed this:

Day 202: Storm Cloud
Day 202: Storm Cloud

I must confess: I didn’t take this photo. ManChild took it with his new phone while we were driving home last night. I only cropped it and fiddled a little with the levels. The sun reflecting off this thing totally blew out the whites, so there was just no detail left in there to get back. Still, it was an amazing thing to see, and to watch grow.

My new phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4, and so far I like it. I still have some things to play with and tweak to get it to where I like it. There’s a Siri-like feature on it that I haven’t played with yet, as well as a gesturing feature. I’ve heard that those can eat the battery though, so maybe I’ll hold off on that. I have a friend who has offered to help me “debloat” the phone, and load Cyanogenmod on it for me. When I have time, and he has time, at the same time, maybe I’ll go ahead and do that.

Anyway, back to Mt. Laundry-more…

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