Day 201: Illness and Creativity

So, I managed to catch Spousal Unit’s cold/virus/crud from 2 weeks ago (guessing the incubation period is around 14 days), and I’ve been too sick to do much of anything other than drink lemonade/orange juice, eat chicken noodle soup, blow my nose and sleep. But that doesn’t stop me from being creative.

Happily, I’m feeling a bit better, although my energy levels are still fairly low. My appetite is improving, which is great, except my ability to work off the calories is not improving as quickly. Not good…

As to my creativity, I can now picture just what my king-size bed quilt is going to look like, when I finally manage the time/energy/money to make it. The picture/plan is pretty clear in my head, even if it isn’t laid out on paper or in pixels yet. Which reminds me, I really should get that done soon, so I can forget about the design and move on to other stuff.

I spent several hours on Pinterest yesterday, looking for photos of the quilt pattern I’m designing, and so far, out of the hundreds (thousands?) of photos I’ve seen, none of them have exactly the same pattern as mine, and only 2 or 3 use the same block I’m planning, but not in the same way. So, my quilt design will remain a mystery until it’s done. Maybe I’ll make it into a pattern book… I can offer several size options, and even two ways to make the blocks. I will give fabric requirements and cutting/sewing instructions, and throw in ideas for other colorways.

Or maybe I’ll just put the instructions here on my blog, since it’s a relatively easy pattern to follow. I mean, once you get the photo of the quilt, it would be easy to figure out how to make it. Something to consider.

In other news, my database at work is on hold, since I missed two days of work this week, thanks to this virus thing. I hope to be able to play catchup next week. Which might mean working extra hours to get it done. Not something I really want to do. I just have to decide how important my (self-imposed) deadline is.

My tummy is growling, so I’d better stop and feed it. More later, maybe!

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