2016, Year of Art: Day 85

Welcome to Friday evening! I have another hand-drawn image for you tonight. I was thinking about the string art my dad taught me to do back in the 70’s, and how straight lines could appear to create curved shapes. I did a little research, and discovered to my delight that there are people still making string art. There has been some evolution in the art form in the past 40 years, but some people are still creating similar works to what I learned back then.

So, I decided to do a “simple” version for the blog, but instead of using string and nails, I just drew the design on paper.

"Intersect", micron pen on sketch paper
“Intersect”, micron pen on sketch paper

The hardest part of this was figuring out where the connecting points were, especially toward the ends of the points. Again, it isn’t perfect, but it really wasn’t meant to be perfect. If I had used Photoshop to create the drawing, it would have been closer to accurate point-to-point. But I had promised to spend more time making actual pieces of art, instead of virtual pieces. I could do an entire series of just this sort of design, based on all the beautiful examples on Pinterest and in the many tutorials online. And just think of all the variations you can create, just by changing the angles, or the “dot count” (like, instead of “first to last”, skip a dot between each line on one side or the other, or some other adjustment), or the outline shape.

Hmmmm… too many ideas in my head at the moment, and I’m really just too tired to execute any of them just now. Maybe I’ll get a few of them done tomorrow.

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