2016, Year of Art: Day 86

Yes, I have new art tonight, but it’s not what you might have been thinking before you saw the picture.

Everybody knows that making great food is an art form all its own. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit that particular skill set from my mom. However, I can still make some pretty food-related things.

Here’s what I spent a couple of hours doing tonight:

"All My Eggs In One Basket"
“All My Eggs In One Basket”

I was sad to see how pastel they came out in the end, but now I know why. I rinsed them too vigorously, which took a lot of dye off the shells. Still, I think they turned out very pretty. Tomorrow, I’ll make Deviled Eggs out of them.

Here’s what they looked like straight out of the dye “bath”. I used the whipped-cream technique:

"Freshly Dyed"
“Freshly Dyed”

They look pretty gooey at this point. That’s whipped cream all over them. Here’s what the aftermath of the dye process looked like:

"Dye Aftermath"
“Dye Aftermath”

It kind of looks like a weird abstract painting, a la Jackson Pollock. But there are two distinct pluses on this: First, it’s whipped cream, so it’s completely edible and entirely washable. Second, it’s super easy to do this technique. Even little kids would have a blast with it. There are dozens of tutorials all over the web, so I won’t bother posting one here. My favorite is this one, by One Savvy Mom. However, a different site┬ácautioned against using running water to rinse the eggs, as it will remove too much of the color. Which, as you can see in the next photo, is exactly what happened:

Rinsed, Clean, and Dry
Rinsed, Clean, and Dry

No matter. I still got pretty results, and we’ll be able to eat the eggs tomorrow when we gather with family for dinner.

Hope you all had a crafty, artistic, creative day! See you tomorrow!

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