Make Your Own sunshine

Many people today struggle with loneliness, unhappiness, and feelings of inadequacy. I do, too, some days. The end of the year seems to be an especially hard time for many. For me, the lack of long sunny days affects my mood.

Today, I have decided to make my own sunshine as often as possible.

Make Your Own Sunshine

I’m going to try to make more art this year. Hopefully, I will improve my moods along the way. I also want to improve my artistic skills, both with traditional media and with digital art. I will keep working in Procreate as long as I have something to learn. (Look, I learned how to make a drop shadow today!)

Last, but not least (and I say this every year), I want to try to be healthier this year. Life is too short to spend it being sick, and taking a handful of pills every day. Who needs that??? So, eating better and being more physically active are on the agenda. I know what to do, I just need to actually go out and do it!

And if maybe I can find/make the time, I’ll post more here, too!

Until next time!

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