So, What Did I Miss?

It’s been over 2.5 years since I last posted here. Since then we have survived (so far) a plague, and an insurrection that threatened to destroy our democracy.

I also retired nearly 3 months ago, and moved to Florida just in time for the rainy season. (No hurricanes yet, but it’s only partway through summer.)

I just realized that I hadn’t been here in a while because, well, life.

We are down to one dog now, as our older two crossed the rainbow bridge during this time. Also, we now have 2 cats, Cisco and Pancho, who are 11 year old littermates.

Cisco (left) and Pancho (right)

I have been making quilts and artwork over that time. I do need to start posting things here again, and making some art. But I need to get myself geared up for that.

Take care, and I’ll try to post here more often now that we’re more settled in our new home.

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