Little Designs

I fiddled around in Photoshop yesterday and today, and came up with some little designs for repeating fabric patterns. Hope you find at least one of these to be nice, fun, cute, or useful. Don’t mind the grain; I was too lazy to make proper backgrounds for them.

Scottish Windows was a pattern I found in, yes, a window in Scotland. This is the original pattern.
Scottish Windows 2.0. I started playing with some of the lines, and came up with this version.
Scottish Windows 3.0. When I made this version yesterday, I wasn’t liking it much. When I looked at it again today, I liked it much better than the first two versions.

I was playing with a different idea today, and these are the results:

Vesica Piscis. I started with one, and decided I would alternate them horizontally and vertically.
Vesica Eye. This started as a vesica, and turned into an eye.
Double Vesica. I took the original pattern and overlaid the horizontal onto the vertical and this is the result.

Eventually, these will become fabric patterns, but first I have to decide on the backgrounds and size of the repeating prints. Ultimately, these are all just geometry. I can’t believe I’m using geometry to create patterns, given how bad I was at it in high school (it was the last math class I ever took).

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