Making the Thing: Part III

I had enough fused fabric (and scraps) left over from yesterday’s bowl to make another one.

A square blue and yellow fabric bowl

The back/bottom/outside of the bowl pictured above

If you noticed, this bowl has 4 corners and is more-or-less square, while yesterday’s version had points at the corners. This is due to the placement of the cuts, or darts. On this version, the darts go from the corners toward the center square. On yesterday’s version, the darts were cut from the halfway point on each side toward the center square, which was turned 45° from the larger square, so the corners of the center square pointed toward the center points on the sides of the larger square. In this version, the center squares are laid in the same direction as the larger square, so the sides of the center square are parallel to the sides of the larger one.

What may be a little less obvious from these photos is that the sides dip down and out just a bit, while the corners stand up a bit, giving the bowl an almost boat-like appearance.

I did a few things a little differently with this one: I used a narrower satin stitch on all the joins, around the center square, and around the outer edges. I also did all the satin stitching from the front/inner side of the bowl, to give it more of a unified appearance on each side.

Speaking of which, I need to do more testing for my satin stitches to try to get them smoother on the back side. And I have another little test I want to try out. Hope to be back tomorrow with more news.

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