Making the Thing: Part II

Well, the stuff I needed came in today, so I made the thing.

Yellow and Blue Fabric Bowl (inside)

Yellow and Blue Fabric Bowl (outside)

My SILs asked me to make some bowls for them, and it’s been a while since I last made one (12 years or more, if I remember correctly), so I thought I’d try it out with this fabric combination. It’s fully reversble, so the inside can be the outside, if preferred. I have lots of fabric and ideas for many, many more bowls. I might even try it with some silk I have around here.

It isn’t perfect, and I learned how to do a few things better for next time. I also learned that I need another, different kind of fusible (iron-on) interfacing for those center squares. Do I have any of that? No, of course not. And I’m pretty sure my nearest source for it is still an hour’s drive away. So. I will either be taking a drive, or ordering online again.

I mean, I made it work, but it would be easier with the other interfacing. The type I got today is for the main body of the bowl to make it stiff enough to stand up. The type I still need is much thinner, and is just to secure those center squares so they don’t move while I’m sewing them to the bowl.

These are simple enough to make (with the right supplies and tools, and following the directions, of course). I (mostly) followed the instructions in Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Bowls: 5 Reversible Shapes to Use and Display, by Linda Johansen. There are other books and different methods and designs/styles for creating fabric bowls, boxes, and vessels, and you can find some nice tutorials online. Just search for “fabric bowl (or vessel, or box) tutorial” in your favorite search engine. Also, check Pinterest for more ideas on what you can do with this basic technique. I plan to try out a lot of different shapes and trim/embellishment ideas.

It feels good to finally have something made again. I really should do this more often. Like, every day.

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