Making the Thing

I wanted to make a thing.

I needed a specific supply to make the thing.

“No problem,” I told myself. “Pretty sure I have that supply in the shed out back.”

Get the key, go out back, open the shed, and look around.

“Ah, there it is! Up there on that shelf that’s too high for me to reach. No problem, I’ll just go get my stepladder, climb up, and get it down.”

Return to the house, go to my office at the far end of the house, retrieve the stepladder, and take it back outside to the shed. Climb up, retrieve the stuff, put everything back, take the supply and stepladder back to my office.

Was it the right thing?

No, Dear Reader, of course not.

After searching online for about 45 minutes, I was unable find the actual item in larger than a single 20″ x 20″ sheet for less than $20. I was, however, able to find (what I hope is) a workable substitute on a 10-yard bolt for less than $70. That’s a win in my book, since I may be making lots of this thing. Possibly as holiday presents. Possibly to try to sell.

So, it appears that I won’t be making the thing until at least Sunday, if not later. I’ll try to report back once it’s done. Or at least in progress.

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