Day 191: More Slicing

Tonight I managed to cut out the rest of the triangles for this quilt.

This is what I call the “dark set”:

Day 191: Today's triangles
Day 191: Today’s triangles

Happily enough, cutting all these triangles has left me with a pile of fun scraps:

Day 191: Scraps
Day 191: Scraps

There are 44 sets on the left, and 56 on the right. I think I know how that happened, too. A few of the strip sets that I cut were full length (~42 inches), but most were only ~21 inches long. With the shorter sets, I was only able to cut three triangles from each set, but the longer sets yielded more than 6 triangles (8 maybe?). That last angle was flipped from the shorter sets.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I don’t yet have specific plans for these, but I’m thinking that some of them might find their way into pillows for WomanChild’s bed, and maybe a tote bag of some sort. If I don’t need them for the quilt, that is.

Tomorrow’s task: start cutting all the triangles in half (across the strips, or vertically). Yes, I’m going to double the number of triangles. At least each triangle will only have one bias edge to work with once I start sewing.

For now, I think I’ll finish checking my email and head for bed. So tired tonight…

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