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July 1, 2015 / / Musings

Here is a fun polymer clay technique, especially for packrats who like to keep all their scraps for “someday” or “another project”. It’s called a Stroppel Cane, named for Alice Stroppel, the designer who created the technique.

December 31, 2013 / / 2013: A Year of Creativity

As I promised yesterday, here’s a quick little tutorial on how to make a cool digital background for posters, notecards, paintings, or whatever you’d like. I’m going to assume you have a working knowledge (and access to) your favorite image manipulation software. If you need something free, you can download GIMP. However this is not a “how to use your software” tutorial, so you’ll need some practice with it before you start using this tut.

March 17, 2013 / / 2013: A Year of Creativity
June 30, 2012 / / Crafting
June 30, 2012 / / Crafting
April 21, 2012 / / Photoshop

Today I figured out how to make an image that looks like hair or scratches using Photoshop CS4. So, I decided to share with all my friends and fans (both of you).

First, I’m not sure if this will work in any other version of PS, so YMMV [1]. If you know of a different/better/easier way of doing this, feel free to share!

Also, I’m assuming you have some familiarity with PS. If not, no worries, this should be easy enough for you to understand, too.

April 15, 2012 / / Crafting

Today’s tutorial is on how to create a button bouquet. Button bouquets have become a fun alternative to fresh flowers, both for weddings and for general decorative purposes. The benefits include the ability to mix and match specific colors and the fact that they don’t wilt. You won’t save money by making a button bouquet over a fresh flower one, but it will last much longer.

I have seen some button bouquets in a single color, a limited number of colors (generally 2 or 3), and a whole rainbow of candy colors. I have even seen several done entirely in sparkly rhinestone buttons. The beauty of this crafting technique is its versatility. You can make it as formal or casual as you like.