Day 121: Better Late Than Never

So, I managed to let Day 120 go by without posting about it. That does not mean that I didn’t make anything!

In fact, I spent most of the day making fabric designs from older works. Mostly, it was kaleidoscope type images, but there are a few fractals in there, too. Also, I took a bunch of images and colorized them to make additional options for fabric designs.

Last night, I had these really weird dreams, which I don’t really remember now, then I woke up with some really cute ideas for more fabric designs. Which I’ll apparently be making, since Muse is telling me so.

Rather than posting ALL the designs I made and posted to my Spoonflower account yesterday, I’ll just let you go see them for yourself. Just remember that noting is available for sale yet. Still waiting on my proofs. For every set (collection) that I make, I have to order (and receive) a new set of proofs before I can mark them for sale. And there are so many designs up there now, I’ll have to wait at least a week to be able to sell any of them. There’s something like 150 designs so far, and I have more to post today.

So, for today, I’ll post my favorite design from yesterday’s batch:

Day 121: Batik Pattern
Day 121: Batik Pattern

Now, to get started on today’s designs…

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